About Us


We are a team of highly skilled individuals with a wealth of experience working across a wide varity of marketing channels on some of the world’s best-known brands.

At Cognify MT we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between creativity, technology and media. We partner with some of the best technology startups in the world to help creative and media agencies to really push the barriers of innovation and develop superior brand communication. Based in Istanbul, we aim to create profitable partnerships for media technology companies to enter and grow in Turkey & EMEA markets.



We focus on technologies that offer more efficient conversion by reaching consumers with timely, relevant targeted smart messages across all channels. Improving marketing through insight-driven innovative branding, communication and media planning. We help helps rapidly growing technology companies expand in Turkish market by providing access to the biggest agencies and brands in the market.


IoT systems enabling marketers to create experiences in bridging the digital and physical world. We focus on connected device technologies that pushes the limits of advertising to reach, understand and communicate with users.


We have passion to cutting-edge technologies that are fuelling screen media creativity and innovation. Trends that disrupts the way users consume and interact with the media. Our featured technologies focus on multiscreening, personalization and Immersion.


Cognitive systems enabling new opportunities for brands. We believe cognition is going to transform advertising and we focus on cognitive technologies which improve the customer experience and engagement, also help provide insights into how consumers interact with brands, better understand perception and inform product development.


We believe in data driven marketing technologies enabling data collection, mining and visualization. Our focus is on Big Data technologies consumer level real time tracking across all assets/channels to create consumer insight & integrated consumer journeys.


Performance Optimization and Verification Technologies. Media agencies are investment experts and they need POVTs to optimize media investments. We believe inch by inch digital value add. We focus on technologies enabling 100% verified, human, brand-safe & viewable impressions / views / traffic and on-target delivery measurement & optimisation for each campaign.


We leverage our diverse and extensive network of connections—both within and outside  Turkish market to make strong introductions, create key, business-making relationships and secure unmatched resources and opportunities for our partner companies.